China joy wearing a mask

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mask version of China joy. For example, at the entrance of the venue, players must go through real name authentication and face recognition, and only when the person's ID is consistent can they enter the venue. In addition, a \

is the most famous and influential annual event around the world. The 18th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as \ During the rare epidemic period, China's tourism industry has been greatly enhanced, making positive contributions to the national economic and social development. Digital cultural products have become more and more important cultural consumption content and foreign cultural trade form. The development of China joy is just like the miniature of China's game industry. Domestic games have grown from scratch, from young to big, and burst out more vitality.

different CJ: online exhibition, live delivery

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epidemic accelerated the market suitability and innovation ability of game manufacturers in extreme circumstances. This year, ChinaJoy launched the \ Xu Jun believes that the \ Different from last year, this year's China joy also shows many new faces. The tiktok and Kwai Kong short video platform is also the first to appear at the exhibition. The anchor uses live technology and short video to guide the fans to the cloud show. In addition, this year, ChinaJoy added 5g cloud game exhibition area for the first time, and more and more high-tech manufacturers, such as Qualcomm and Intel, also appeared at the exhibition.

The continuous rise of

ChinaJoy has something to do with the strong development of China's tourism industry. According to the research results of Gamma data from the industry research institutions, the actual sales of China's game market will be 230.88 billion yuan in 2019, with a year-on-year increase of 7.7%. This year, under the impact of the epidemic, the tourism industry has shown a strong development toughness.

In the first half of this year, China's tourism industry increased. According to the notice of China's tourism industry from January to June 2020, the actual sales of the game market were 139.493 billion yuan, up 22.34% year on year. Among them, the actual sales of China's independent R & D games in the domestic market reached 120.14 billion yuan, an increase of more than 30% year-on-year.

New Blue Ocean: going out to sea, playing in clouds


from the perspective of user data, the growth rate of China's game users around is 2.5% in 2019, while it is 7.3% in 2018; the growth rate is negative, and the promotion rate is relatively low. This also means that the excretion rate of China's game users has been at a high level, and there is a strong competition in the stock of travel industry. After nearly a decade of rapid growth, China's tourism industry is ushering in a new period of development.

Where is the incremental space of

recreation industry? Expanding overseas market has become the choice of many game manufacturers. Acting as the world's largest game market, China is continuously exporting its products and operation mode to overseas countries as a mature and significant tourism economy. Companies with fun plus, Lilith, and Youzu network (002174. SZ) as the foreign companies have become the leading enterprises around China's overseas tourism. In 2019, the overseas tourism of the above-mentioned enterprises all exceeded 1 billion yuan.

As a result, the success of China's tourism in overseas markets is not only better than the rise of Chinese culture and IP, but also due to the steady promotion of localization around the world. In order to explore overseas markets, they have set up branches and branches around the world to attract local tourism talents and promote the game with the idea of localization.

recently, APP Annie, the mobile mobility data analysis platform, released a list of top 30 Chinese manufacturers and their overseas companies in June 2020, and fun plus ranked first in the list of domestic manufacturers. Pu Guannan, vice president of qujia business and strategy, informed reporters from the first finance and economics department that compared with a few years ago, the means of going out to sea has changed, from the era of buying to the era of high-quality products.


accompany 5g business to pick up speed, and cloud game is also regarded as a subtle incremental opportunity. Originally, cloud games can break away from terminal control, do not need to download, and enter the play experience anytime and anywhere. Therefore, it is regarded as the most promising business form to reconstruct the game industry chain in the industry.

Since this year, no matter the traditional host game equipment manufacturers, cloud computing manufacturers, telecom operators, cloud game content selection providers and platform operators are actively organizing cloud games. \ In the view of many industry wives, cloud games are indeed the development trend of the game industry, but they are also facing a series of challenges, such as network delay, content failure, high development cost, unclear business model, etc. \ Acceleration


policy \ How to create more \ During the period of China joy this year, the national foreign culture and trade base (Shanghai) released the \ At the same time, the China Research Institute of recreation industry officially opened its name in Shanghai, which is regarded as a forward-looking professional institution in the tourism cultural industry. It will not only lead the domestic tourism industry to a higher level of development, but also drive Shanghai to become a higher level of resource elements and more innovative level of the e-sports industry highland.

Around the e-sports, the heavyweight event of e-sports, the 2020 iron man League global finals (S10), will be held in Shanghai from September 25 to October 31.

In addition, two new standards, general authorization specification for E-sports events and management specification for direct broadcasting of e-sports, were officially released. China's e-sports industry first developed to specialization and standardization.

The policy of

has been superimposed, which has pushed the \